Airbus A320-CFM Winglet + Sharklet Version •

Comes configured for XP11 with a patch for XP 10!

• Release v8.6 •

• Overview •

A320 by Peters Aircraft • The ultimate simulation of the most popular airliner!

Hundreds of real Airbus pilots already are using our A321 model for private practice at home. More of them might have been waiting for this first A320 release. Simulation of the flightmodel, FBW system with all protections and autoflight system of this A320 model are unmatched below the Multi-Million-Dollar price tag. This truly should make me proud, however it has to be clearly pointed out that official flight training for real aviation is not permitted with this product! I take no liability for any possible consequences resulting from violation of this disclosure. Companies interested in a professional training device based on this software should contact us for further discussion.

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Airline liveries available for A320-214 with CFM engines