A330-203 MRTT "Royal Australian Air Force"

with General Electric engines and military panel based on EIS2

• For XP 11+ and 10 •

• Overview •

The A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) solution is based upon the commercial A330-200 and represents a totally new generation of tankers.

This is the first of 5 MRTTs built for the Royal Australian Air Force. With the XP9 model the boom can now be moved in both axis and is extendable. The hoses & drogues extend and retract smootly from/to their pods. They retract automatically below 1000ft above ground level.

The model comes with a new set of highly detailed landing gear. It will be part of the basic package only for a limited test period, until the full highdefinition 3D model is ready, which will be an optional add-on.

Recent conflicts have made apparent the ever-increasing need for a new generation of modern tankers that are more capable and more versatile. Aging tanker fleets no longer satisfy the present requirements, due to their lack of range, payload, mission endurance, obsolescence of avionic systems and their high maintenance costs. Maintaining an adequate refuelling capability is critical to the success of any military intervention. However, tankers now need to be able to perform more than their dedicated refuelling operations, and need role flexibility due to the scope of their missions.

Tanker roles and missions can be divided into three main tasks: combat air patrol support, fighter aircraft deployment and airlift support. These main missions need the following capabilities:

  • Air-to-air refuelling role
  • Cargo transport role
  • Passenger/troop transport role
  • Cargo/passenger transport role
  • Medical evacuation

A lot of additional antennas have been mounted for military communication.

The refueling pods containing the probes are connected on the existing wing mounts for the outboard engines of the A340.

Infrared sensors and laser turrets for self-defense against anti-aircraft-missiles.

Paint sceme subject to change depending on changes of the real MRTT.

The package includes:

  • day and night panel
  • 3 different night textures to vary external lighting
  • A330-200/300 Flight Crew Operating Manual of 125 pages
  • Manual Apppendix "MRTT" of 27 pages