A330-203 MRTT "Royal Australian Air Force"

with General Electric engines and military panel based on EIS2

• Exterior Lighting at Night •

The pictures below show the old XP8 version. The XP11 +10 paint sceme has been slightly modified.

DEFAULT - Normal Traffic Lights are on. Note the beacon on the horizontal stabilizer! The civil A330 does not have it.

ILLUMINATED - As above, but with additional self illumination lights on, thus lighting the rear section with the probe and vertical stab as well as UR lights to make the fluorescent areas reflecting intensively.

OBSCURED - No exterior lights within the visible range are on, not even traffic lights, windows are closed and interior lights are dimmed, cockpit lights are extremely dimmed. Formation and AAR lights are on infrared for use with night vision goggles.

The different effects of the military lighting systems can only be achieved by loading a copy of the aircraft with another livery, not during action. Three different night liveries are included for this purpose. A future version will allow change of lighting from the cockpit during flight.