• PlugIn Controlled Engine Object for A340-500/600 •

by Javier Cortés, Dennis Pruefer and Peter Hager

Most realistic Jet Engine Model featuring:

I am proud to present this add-on created for the A340-500 and 600 by Javier Cortés, Sevilla, (programming of PlugIn) and Dennis Pruefer, Hamburg, (3D modelling, animation of engine object and some textures). I added most of the textures.

Spinning Fan

I believe there is not much to be explained, the pictures speak for themselves.

Animated Thrust Reversers

The trust reversers need about a second to unlock (left picture) and two seconds to fully extend (right picture). After retraction the reversers also slow down to lock. Extension and retractions times are authentic.

Visible Vibrations of Nacelles

Under certain conditions the engine nacelles slightly vibrate, depending on N1, forward or reverse thrust, and shocks from touchdown and ground roll. Sorry, pictures are not of much help here. - To my information this feature has been never seen before in the XP world. It is a first test and will be fine tuned in the future.


This plugin is included in each package of the A340-500 and A340-600, but it is NOT part of the payware item, and it is not sold. It comes as a FREE add-on without extra charge, but works ONLY in connection with my A340-500 and A340-600. The authors and me take no responsibility for functionality nor for future updates. - Although we have the intention to provide it for my other aircraft models too, there is no guarantee on that.

Registered users will be sent the update during the next days. Be aware that all alternative liveries have to be updated too. This is not yet done. I will also notify you on that.

The A340-500 and A340-600 already lower the frame rate of XP more than most other aircraft. The plugin adds an additional workload which might take your computer beyond it's limits. If the framerate indication drops to 19.000 and the time spread stays above 1.000, the animation time of the thrust reversers will be significantly delayed. One cycle takes precisely 3 seconds, not more. You may easily use the aircraft without this add-on by renaming or removing the "objects" folder.