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Rockwell 695 JetProp Commander 840

for x-plane flight simulator by Peter Hager for X-Plane flight simulator 11, 10 and 9

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The Rockwell Turbo Commander 695 (later built by Gulfstream) was the final basic type of the Twin Commander series, with several variants. A slightly shorter fuselage (in comparison to the 690B) and more wingspan were the major visible features, as well as a differently shaped exaust pipe and nose mounted landing lights. Twin Commander Aircraft LLC did the upgrade to the JetProp 840, which basically consists of slightly more powerful engines, apart from a total overhaul of the structure and all systems. With a service ceiling of 34.100ft and a cruise speed of 290 kn TAS this aircraft has an outstanding performance within it's class. The take-off distance and stall speeds are lower than those of the 690B. This version comes with the enlarge fuel capacity option, which gives it a range of 2,040 NM / 3,776 KM.

The x-plane model is meant to be a simulation of this great aircraft, rather than a toy, which demands for some attention to this manual, in particular to the descriptions and the legends of the engine’s controls and instruments as well as the start-up and shut down procedures.

The aircraft is equipped with an EGT system, which allows more precise control of the engines critical part's temperature as ITT. The avionics equippment is partially different than those of the other Turbo/Jetprop Commmanders offered here.

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Price: 10 EURO