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A380 Expert

First screenshots of ECAM

This new A380 project is supposed to set new benchmarks for PC-based flight simulation. It shall be available as homecockpit version. - A release date cannot yet be predicted.

The screenshots below are from "work-in-progress" and not final! The codes behind them are extremely complex and will take a long time of development. To give you and idea, the fuel system knows about 8,000 ways to send fuel from from A to B. We will certainly omit a part of them, since simulation of all thinkable failures would lead far beyond of our capacity and the budget of our customers.

Engine Start Sequence - Above and below

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New Engine Option!

A320 NEO with LEAP engines

Since Airbus as well as Lufthansa set priotity on the P&W PurePoer® engines, the first Airbus A320neo P&W startet test flight in December 2014. So we also set priority on this type of aircraft, which is already available as Peters Aircraft model for X-Plane®. Our development on the A320neo with LEAP engines is consequently frozen, until we see a real aircraft flying.

Both Neo variants have in common new generation engines with a significantly larger diameter as the current ones and a fan with huge blades. The decisive difference to conventional jet engines paves the way to imense saving in fuel burn and reduction of noise emission.

This picture shows an A320 with the actual CFM engine (CEO) mounted on the right wing and the huge LEAP-1A (NEO) engine on the left wing. Certainly this has been done for demonstration only. The model will come with two LEAP-1A engines.

Characteristic for the NEO engines are their huge fan blades.

• Abandoned Projects •

My old projects...? I don't see any chance to proceed. I definitely need more manpower.

• Douglas C-124 Globemaster II •

This is a preliminary screenshot from x-plane 6.51 with the paintjob not terminated. The work is abandoned.

The C-124 was the predecessor of the C-5B. During my childhood this aircraft impressed me immensely. It's deep sound during the final approach to Frankfurt (EDDF) was a part of our every day life, until the Galaxy appeared. I even had the opportunity to board it on several occasions at Rhein-Main Air Base.

When fully loaded, this was not an easy plane to fly. Many of the 60 total losses were caused by pilot's errror. Test flights in x-plane reflect that very well. Only a virtual pilot can dig so many holes...! - What a difference to the C-5B!