Update: 05th October 2006

X-plane version: 8.50

New Features valid for: C-141A/B/C

• Auto Pilots Buttons re-designed

XP 8.50 displays correctly the AP's reaction on engaging the APPROACH button.

• C-141C only: New TERRAIN button (TERR) for autopilot

This enables terrain contour flights to conduct special warefare mission in enemy territory. All AP buttons are much better visible and readable now.

Update: 19th July 2006

X-plane version: 8.40

New Features valid for: C-141A/B/C

Engine Fire Extinguishers

In case of an engine fire alert, activate the respective fire extinguisher by clicking on it. Do not expect the engine to work again after any activation of the fire extinguisher!

Lower Spoilers

The real C-141 has upper and lower spoilers acting as airbrakes. The lower spoilers had not been implemented in earlier versions of the x-plane model. This has been done now for x-plane 8.40. I regret it was not possible to design the lower spoilers following the sweep of the wings. But the flight characteristic with spoilers applied is much more realistic now.

IMPORTANT: The spoilers may be deployed in-flight and as ground spoilers. The spoilers must not be used in-flight with the flaps extended!

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