How to Order?

Version 6th August 2014. All previousely published terms and conditions are herewith null and void.

Ordering and Payment

Orders and payment are generally processed through , using the buttons or . If you do not have a Paypal account, it is a matter of a few minutes to register for one.

You may go the same route using your credit card without exposing card number etc. to me or any other seller, or the amount will be drawn from your bank account by Paypal, in case your bank supports this system.

You may also send me an e-mail, listing the items you want to order and mentioning your prefered payment method, as well as your residential address, for the sole purpose of registration of your license. I will then either send you a Paypal invoice via e-mail, which you can easily pay using the Paypal system, or you may transfer the amount onto my bank account. A Money Order does not work, since most time of the year I stay in Venezuela, and many normal things are pretty complicated here.

Bank Transfer

My bank is located in Germany. Within the European Union and from Switzerland, transfer costs are carried out at national fees. A bank transfer from outside the European Union might be quite expensive. Please check with your bank first! It might be the better way to use Paypal.

Using the Order Buttons:

If you are sure you want to buy one item only, you may use the button, which lets you initiate the transaction via Paypal.

If you consider to buy more than one item, use the buttons. This step does not initiate the order. It only adds the item to your purchase list, which you may revise and modify before actually starting the transaction via Paypal, or you may cancel it.

Use the button for this purpose.


Once your payment has been transferred successfully, you will receive the download link(s) per e-mail. The credit to my account during a standard Paypal transaction is processed within seconds, while a bank transfer may take some days. In any case, do not expect to receive the links instantly. It might be take some minutes or hours, but normally not more than 24 hours.

I get more and more complains of not receiving my e-mails, generelly caused by a oversensitive SPAM filters. If a shipment or an update is delayed for more than 48 hours, check your SPAM folder before writing me!

If not mentioned otherwise, the purchase price includes free updates throughout all x-plane® 10 versions. Significant updates will be published on and on my website. In addition, all registered users will be notified by e-mail. Be sure to keep the e-mail adress active which you used for the order, or send me message if it changes! Otherwise you will be missing the updates.

Warranty and Disclaimer:

The virtual aircraft models included in the download packages have been tested with the mentioned x-plane® software version on Apple OS, and they did work properly. They should also work under any other system which is supported by x-plane®, provided there are no 3rd party plugins interfering. But there is no guarantee given for any functionality at all. Download and usage of the packages are on your own risk.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, send me an e-mail with a brief description of your criticism. A copy of the Log.txt file from your x-plane® folder might also be helpful. I will try to help, but without any obligation. The purchase price is not refundable, if not regulated otherwise by law. No warranty is given nor any guarantee that the package will run on your system or that it will meet your expectations. - Any possible claims for warranty may not exceed the purchase price.