• Airbus A380 • 2D Panel •

All A380 Models come with 2D and 3D Cockpit installed!

See 3D Panel

This is a 2D panel, which proved to the be a great option for procedure training. A 3D panel (VC) is also available, and provides a a more realistic cockpit atmosphere!

Registration Numbers (if installed) and authentic Instrument Configuration are individually modified for each specific model.


The Airbus Industrie House Color MSN 001 Testaircraft (F-WWOW) comes with HUD, G-Meter and MFDU monitors with protection frames removed.

The picture above shows the recommended panel section at 1.344 x 840 pixel resolution (click on the pict to see at full scale!)

The panel can be used in any thinkable resolution. I tried from 1024 x 768 up to 4.096 pixel width. Most instruments are new designs using generic objects, in order to achieve a better readability and functionality. In particular the PFD is a lot better than in previous Airbus models.


Night Illumination can be individually dimmed.

Center Pedestal

Engine Alliance and Rolls Royce Engine Page

A Pop-Up Panel provides some special highlights as are the Radio Management Panel...

...the TO-Trim & CG Coordinator...

...and the Keyboard and Cursor Control Unit, all in large scale.

Only the inner engines are equipped with Thrust Reversers.

We have only a few System Pages at the moment. More are to come soon.