• Airbus A380 • 3D Panel •

All A380 Models come with 2D and 3D Cockpit installed!

See 2D Panel

This is outstanding virtual Cockpit by Roman Berezin, Ramzzess, (3D modelling and animation) and Sergey Firsow (Textures) is now included in the A380 model packages.

Some pre-defined view commands, which can be assigned to buttons and/or keys, faciliate quick view changes to the Center Pedestal or OH-Panel and back. You can also toggle the perspectives between the left and right seat, so you can easily fly the A380 as the First Officer.

After installation of the VC, both panels, 2D and 3D are available. And the VC becomes also visible in the 2D side and rear views. The frame rate is not affected in the 2D mode. In 3D mode the Virtual Cockpit adds a significant load to the computer system, resulting in a loss of 12-20 fps. Some scenery packages converted may cause a memory overflow of XP in conjunction with the VC, other do not. e.g. the Sydney Intl. scenery works fine, though it is a complex one.

There is only one type of VC available for all A380 models. Since X-Plane® does not support a HUD in 3D, the Air France and Airbus House Color cn001 models will have a HUD onyl in the 2D mode.

Quality of display highly depends on the selected screen resolution and the zoom used. The picture of the section above was taken at 2540 x 1600 rsolution, WITHOUT a zoom. Certainly a higher resolution demands more graphic power of your system.

Here are some sections of the A380-VC-Manual, which comes with the package.