• Airbus A380-841 • Malaysian Airlines •

All A380 Models come with 2D and 3D Cockpit installed!

• The Tiger attacks! •

Malaysia Airlines counts on the A380 to return to black numbers, by taking benefit of it's cost efficiency. While other carriers are hesitating with new orders or delaying existing ones, Malaysia Airlines is more aggressive in their strategy, considering to buy even more A380 units than initially planned. This really might pay off very well in the future. - Their A380 fleet connects Kuala Lumpur with Hongkong, London and Paris.

The A380-841 is equipped with 4 Rolls Royce Trent 970B-84 engines, providing 78.303 lbs rated take off thrust each.

3D objects and projection of the textures onto the fuselage had to be modified for this livery. So it cannot be used with another A380 model.