• Airbus Industries A380-800 •

All A380 Models come with 2D and 3D Cockpit!

Comes configured for 11, with a patch for XP 10 (32/64bit) !

• Release v11.1 •

The A380-800 will come in a lot of variants, each of which represents one distinct aircraft with the technical specifications and paint sceme as operated by it's owner, which in general is an airline. The panel has the authentic instrument configuration and registration plate (if installed). These versions do NOT just different liveries, but also ACF file, graphics in the cockpit folder and the 3D model files may differ.

  • If you want to have one distinct version only, you can buy it at the basic price of 39.95 EUR.
  • The A388-Package includes all A380-800 versions and liveries which are released or will be available in the future, plus 2 Airbus House Color versions, MSN 001 with HUD and G-Meter, MSN 007 without those additional instruments. These House Color versions are only available as part of the package. Price of the A388-Package: 49.95 EUR.
  • If you already have one A388, you may upgrade to the A388-Package at only 10.95 EUR.

For more information and ordering click on the picture of an aircraft!

Rolls Royce Trent 900 Engine Alliance GP 7200
A380-841 - Lufthansa - new and old livery A380-861 - Air France
A380-861 - Emirates
A380-841 - British Airways A380-861 - Korean Airlines
A380-841 - Singapore Airlines
A380-842 Qantas - Engines with increased take off thrust
A380-8421China Southern
A380-841 Thai Airways
A380-841 Malaysia Airlines
A380-841 - MSN 001 + 007 - Test Aircraft - ONLY AVAILABLE WITH THE A388-PACKAGE

Pictures are taken from screen shots.