Aircraft of the AMC and MAC

• Lockheed C-5B Galaxy for XP version 10 and 9 (also works with XP11!) •

for x-plane® flight simulator by Peter Hager

With authentic engine sounds recorded in the cockpit of a real Galaxy by Pete Hawk!

Here is Pete Hawk's coment to his new sound and this model:

"...with my 16 years of service in and around the real C-5A/B/C and M Galaxy models, I really wanted it REAL. What I was able to achieve is to hear the wonderful idle sounds of the huge TF-39C turbofan engines, and yet here their growl at full power. It took some tweaking in a sound program I have that I used to edit actual recordings I took in the mid 90’s, at Travis AFB, CA.
A little history – I started out as a C-5 Crew Chief in 1989, then became a DCC (Dedicated Crew Chief – fly with the jet) in 1991-92, then I was a Flight Engineer on them from 1996-1999 with over 1024 hours flying time. I NEVER get tired of watching them fly and have spent many hours on the base perimeter road just enjoying ever minute as they fly in the local pattern. I’ve moved on to the fighter world now and have taken up an entirely new job, but will always look at the C-5 fondly as it’s been a major part of my life.
Having Peter Hager’s wonderful airplane model to fly in X-Plane, along with the new engine sounds has really got me excited about the C-5 and I always look forward to flying it now.
So thanks to Peter Hager and this great C-5 model, and Austin Meyer for such a fun sim! I just love the physics modeling. This C-5 feels just right in just about every way...."

Thank you Pete, for your permission to distribute your sounds within this package!

The package comes with two versions, in the grey livery with standard settings for thrust and grossweight, and camouflage livery with Additional Thrust Rating (ATR) for wartime extended grossweight. - This aircraft is recomended for advanced x-plane users. Please read the included manual!

Here is a movie which is almost 10 min. long. It and demonstrates techniques for landing a heavy aircraft under severe crosswind conditions. - Depending on the speed of your internet access, you can select between two resolutions. The latter is significantly better in both, quality and resolution.

Click here to watch the movie!

Here is a statement of a Pilot, who meanwhile provided invaluable information and advice concerning the real C-5B, without the current x-plane model would not have it's high level of realism:

Peter, I recently subscribed to X-Plane. I was happy to see that someone had designed a C-5B. (I flew C-5's for 18 years.) Your basic C-5 program is pretty good. I imagine that the new version is much better. I ... only flew a quick "closed" pattern (TO and immediate return to landing). The aircraft flight characteristics (as judged on the short flight) were fairly realistic. ...I would be interested in your C-133 as I flew that aircraft for 3.5 years (3500 hrs.). Again, thanks for all your work on the C-5.

"Thank you, Gary, for this comment! - The pilot's position has been correctly placed in PlaneMaker. X-plane calculates the view that way. Apparantly I had to place the pilot a couple of feet above the fuselage to meet the right perspective. I will give it a try!"

Strategic transport aircraft of the USAF are the main topic here, starting with the current flagship, the Lockheed C-5B Galaxy. I have spent half a century living under these birds on their final approach to Rhein-Main-Air Base (EDDF), so I know their look, their sound and even their smell...

There is a lot of information about this outstanding type of aircraft available on countless websites. I see no reason for a repetition. If you want to know more about the real C-5B, please refer to the respective links I provided (see left side of the page!). You will find some basic information concerning the x-plane model in the ReadMe files of the download packages.

What is rarely mentioned is that the C-5B has turned out to be one of the safest aircraft ever built. Only two losses during flight operations within 34 years of service (at Ramstein, Germany, and the tragic Operation Babylift near Saigon, Vietnam)! Three more aircraft were destroyed by ground fire in the U.S. at heir home base without human losses of life.

Within the next few years the C-5B shall be modernized according to Reliability Enhancement and Re-enginig Program (RERP) for another 50 to 60 years of service. This seems to be the first aircraft to become as old as a turtle!