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ALL our Airbus models and the VFW 614 work perfectly with X-Plane 11 and 10.51, 32 and 64bit, with OSX, Linux and Windows.

A320 family v.8.3!

The most realistic flight performance on desktop level!

With version 8 we introduce a improved aerodynamics and make best benefit of the XP11 engine model. Both, aerodynamics and engine physics, have been modified and tested for a period of more than three months, now propably representing the most realistic performance available for desktop simulation. Lift and drag factors of all components have been corrected, in order to meet real data. N1 to thrust relation of all enige types have been fine tuned, so climb performance as well as the descent path are now very close to the real ones.

Apart from the cool 2018 Lufthansa design for the A321-CFM, we added a lot of other airline liveries, in particula to the A321 and NEO models, paying special attention to Aeroflot, LATAM and several U.S. airlines, above all Alaska. - On first glance, LATAM might appear a little overweighed. But one has to bear in mind, that under the LATAM Holding, two huge groups of national latin-american airlines, operating many different types of aircraft and engines, have been united, still maintaining their national and international rights and networks throughout many countries. For this reason, LATAM has become the by far most important carrier south of the U.S.A.

Want a NEO? Make your choice!

Peters Aircraft offers all active A320 NEO and A321 NEO models!

Engines: CFM LEAP 1A and P&W PurePower

VFW 614 v1.4 now with full CIVA intergration!

A380 with new External Lighting!

4 Landing Lights, 3 Taxi Lights, 3 Takeoff Lights, 2 Runway Turnoff Lights, 8 Taxi-Aid-Camera Lights, 2 Wing Scan Lights, 2 Engine Scan Lights

To update your A380, just download again with the link you have. In case your link does not work and you are a registred license holder, send us an e-mail!

The 3D cockpit for A319, A320 and A321 models.

How realistic are the A380 and A320 Flight Models?

Experiencing the Thales® $53 Million A380 Simulator and finding out about the differences to my A380 model for X-Plane®


Above: Thales® A380 Simulator • Below: Peters Aircraft / X-Plane® A380 Simulator

Peters Aircraft A380 distinguished with

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Peters Aircraft A380 distinguished with

FlightXPress GOLD Award

in direct comparison to add-ons for FSX!

Simplified panels of our economic A330 and A340 series.

A330 preparing for a night departure.

Here are sections of the A340-300 panel.

A section of the new A343 EIS 2 panel for XP 9.

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On this site you will find a collection of high quality digital aircraft models, suitable for the x-plane® flight simulator. Why just for x-plane®? To learn more about "the world's best flight simulator" click here!

Since most of my models are lowcost payware, you may ask:

• What do I get for my money?

• What makes the difference to most other aircraft models available for x-plane?

The answer is simple: I feel that a virtual aircraft model has to be a SIMULATION, as realistic as it can be, rather than being a game.

I am well aware of the actual "mainstream" focusing on excellently modelled 3D objects and visual effects. And there have been made some really great looking aircraft by other authors. For me this matter is not quite off topics, as the A380 and the upcoming A321 show. But priority is clearly on simulation of the major systems like FADEC, auto-throttle, autopilot, FMS, fly-by-wire logig etc. which partially can only be realized by plug-in technology. In a professional simulator designed for pilot training, you will find a very sparse exterior model of the aircraft or none at all, but a cockpit which can hardly be distinguished from the one of the real aircraft. For this reason I am focusing in first place on the flightmodel and on photorealistic 2D panels, the function of the instruments and realism of procedures, in order to provide a sensation of flying which is as authentic as possible.

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Pictures taken aboard of the A340-300, Lufthansa D-AIGS, during two different flights, one in real world, the other in x-plane®.
2 Fotos by courtesy of Stefano Rota.

Each of my virtual aircraft is the result of extensive research for authentic data and hundreds of hours of design, construction and testflights. Patience is the key to realism, much more than talent. It takes several month of work, before I publish a new plane.

In fact, a lot of time is spent on research and collecting data and pictures of the aircraft. Whenever possible, I try to get a copy of the original POH or manual. Sometimes these documents are classified. Then the necessary information must aquired by interviewing pilots, engineers, mechanics, who understandably cannot violate the restrictions of confidentiality. But one can read between the lines, and by the time, more and more gaps of knowledge are closed. And one day even the pilot says: "Wow, that's realistic! I do not notice any difference to the flight characteristics of the real thing."

Paintjob: Here you see that it´s made of blank aluminum

Panel: The C-141C center console under construction

In order to obtain photorealistic panels with all their instruments in function, all objects are placed upon authentic drawings, to ensure the correct position of each item... as far as PlaneMaker permits it. The final artwork, based on fotographs of the real cockpit, is created after the funcionality has been varified during countless testflights.

Panel: A section of a C-141C cockpit in x-plane ® (above) and in reality (below).

Panel: Even small aircraft may have fascinating features, like animated starter keys and an animated sunscreen.

Documentation: A POH is a must. Some are short, others are longer, depending on what's available and what's relevant for the flight simulator. Anyway, you receive sufficient information to perform realistic flight procedures.

That's what you get!

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