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ALL our Airbus models and the VFW 614 work perfectly with X-Plane 11 and 10.51, 32 and 64bit, with OSX, Linux and Windows.

A320 v.8.6!

The most realistic flight performance on desktop level!

During the past months Airbus Industries delivered a huge number of NEO aircraft to their customers. This update comes with most of the new A320 NEO aircraft, the new Lufthansa livery for the A320-214 and A320-271N and the A320-232 with ISRAIR livery.

More and more Airbus aircraft show a small dome for internet communication on top of their fuselage, which now is offered by Airbus as optional equipment. So we created a new 3D model of this dome, which automatically shows up whith the appropriate airline livery.

Since X-Plane® 11.30 introduces changes in the aerodynamic model, we had to double check all the lift and drag values. Fortunately the results where exactly the same as in XP 11.26. So we still have flight performance on the spot, with tolerances in the 0.1% range.

For XP10 users there is also good news! Since the actual airfoils, designed for XP11 in early 2018, turned out to be a performance killer in XP10, we designed a new set of airfoils especially for use with XP10. Certainly it is not possible to exactly match the performance of the XP11 models in XP10, but the results are close enough to get realistic flight profiles.

Since all this has been a lot of work, while work on the new MCDU and on the A380 EXPERT was continued, we split this update into three releases. Now the A321 and A320 models are done. The A319s will follow soon.

New Internet Antenna Dome

ISRAIR's Seld Defense Pod

Want a NEO? Make your choice!

Peters Aircraft offers all active A320 NEO and A321 NEO models!

Engines: CFM LEAP 1A and P&W PurePower

VFW 614 v1.4 now with full CIVA intergration!

A380 External Lights

4 Landing Lights, 3 Taxi Lights, 3 Takeoff Lights, 2 Runway Turnoff Lights, 8 Taxi-Aid-Camera Lights, 2 Wing Scan Lights, 2 Engine Scan Lights

How realistic are our A380 and A320 Flight Models?

Experiencing the Thales® $53 Million A380 Simulator and finding out about the differences to our A380 model for X-Plane®


Above: Thales® A380 Simulator • Below: Peters Aircraft / X-Plane® A380 Simulator

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