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Gulfstream Turbo Commander 690B

for x-plane flight simulator 9, 10 and 11

This package includes free updates throughout all x-plane 8+ versions for registered users.

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The Twin Commander’s history goes back to the late 40’s. It turned out to be one of the savest and best twin engine props ever built, maybe the best one.
Many piston engine versions have been built by the original company named Aero Commander which was taken over by Rockwell in the 50’s. Many of those aircraft have been (and still are) in service for aero photo and remote sensing missions, which resulted in a continious demand for higher service altitudes, which could hardly be met by piston engines. This lead to the Turbo Commander, built by Rockwell and later by Gulfstream, and to a tremendous increase in engine power and flight performance.

While the Aero Commander 680 indicates the aircraft’s TOTAL power in it’s name (2 x 340hp), the Rockwell / Gulfstream Turbo Commander 690 does very much of an understatement in this aspect, since the power of each of it’s engines is 717,5hp, totalling in 1.435hp. The 690B still holds several world records established by Robert A. HOOVER (USA). (See List of records)

The real Gulfstream Turbo Commander 690B I modeled here is registered under YV-1050P and is privately owned by a Venezuelean businessman. This type of aircraft can be seen very often in this country. Many of them have been modernized by the Dash 10 conversion, offered by Twin Commander Aircraft LLC, which keep these aircraft up to the latest level of technology.

Although the price tag of a used Turbo Commander or JetProp Commander is close to that of a private jet, the Commanders have the advantage of combining outstanding STOL capabilities with a cruise speed of close to 300 kn, in case of the JetProp Commander 1000 slightly more than that, and are also able to fly at altitudes above 30.000 ft, which means above most of all bad weather. For this reason they are much more suitable for South America with it’s countless tiny landing strips on Haciendas as well as on the Caribbean Islands.

The x-plane model is meant to be a simulation of this great aircraft, rather than a toy, which demands for some attention to this manual, in particular to the descriptions and the legends of the engine’s controls and instruments as well as the start-up and shut down procedures.

The panel with GPS, Garmin 430 and an interactive Clipboard is fully compatible with the Goodway Flight Planning Software.

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Price: 10 EURO