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Rockwell 695 JetProp Commander 980

for x-plane flight simulator 9, 10 and 11

This package includes free updates throughout all x-plane 8+ versions for registered users.

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The Rockwell Turbo Commander 695 (later built by Gulfstream) was the final basic type of the Twin Commander series, with several variants. A slightly shorter fuselage (in comparison to the 690B) and more wingspan were the major visible features, as well as a differently shaped exaust pipe and nose mounted landing lights. Twin Commander Aircraft LLC did the upgrade to the JetProp 980, which basically consists of significantly more powerful engines, apart from a total overhaul of the structure and all systems. With a service ceiling of 39.900ft and a cruise speed of 315 kn TAS this aircraft has an outstanding performance within it's class. The take-off distance and stall speeds are lower than those of the 690B, while the range could be increased.

The real D-IHSI is owned by Air Evertz, Germany (See the real D-IHSI). The remarkable livery demanded for 4 different paint areas for each wing and the engine nacelles. More than once I thought I had to give up because of XP's limitations, but finally I always found a way... I used ALL auxiliary wings available, none of the normal wings apart from fakes to place the position lights, and almost all auxiliary bodies available.

The x-plane model is meant to be a simulation of this great aircraft, rather than a toy, which demands for some attention to this manual, in particular to the descriptions and the legends of the engine’s controls and instruments as well as the start-up and shut down procedures.

The panel with GPS, Garmin 430 and an interactive Clipboard is fully compatible with the Goodway Flight Planning Software.

DOWNLOAD the free POH as PDF-document for detailed information!

Price: 10 EURO